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Bottle Design
  • In contemplating the perfect American whiskey experience, a small-town doctor from a big city, a west coast artist and a passionate whiskey maker joined forces and created what some may consider a bold work of art. A work to be appreciated for its beauty and emotional power.

  • We combined three great things: Art. Whiskey. Beauty. In 2015, the doctor commissioned the artist to create a sophisticated and elegant sculpture that held all the simple, yet complex, elements of beauty taken from every culture in this land of diversity. The result was a proud and enduring rendition of a woman with a strong forward gaze, so unique as to win a United States Design Patent in April, 2018. After the bottle was tested and retested for strength and function, a long and difficult task given the complex shape and contour, the search for the perfect bourbon led to our award-winning formula. The result. Beautiful Bourbon.